Brand Foundations

Learn the origin of Neon One's name, how it's spelled, and general usage. Hint: Neon One should never be spelled in all-caps.

Brand Name

NeonCRM + Rallybound + CiviCore + Arts People = Neon One
Neon One is a collection of each of our product suites, including NeonCRM, Rallybound, CiviCore, Arts People. Each new or improved product added strengthens our product suite to bolden our impact.

Brand Origins

The name “Neon” came from the acronym Nonprofit Enterprise Online Network. ‘One’ refers to the unity of our nonprofit software companies. We are a collection of best-of-breed solutions and can tailor our offerings based on our customers' needs. “One” is unique to your organization.


Our clients trust our brand to curate the best possible extended service options for their needs, and we only bestow this brand trust extension to organizations that meet our quality assurance standards in all aspects of your operational relationship with us.

In Client and Company Communication

Neon One should be written as two separate words, in title case capitalization. Please be kind to our brand and keep a positive attitude when referring to Neon One.

Neon One

Third-Party Applications

Neon One may be included in third-party applications or to promote your business only with the Neon One Marketing Team's approval. If you refer to Neon One in an article or webpage, you may use the text or logo and link to our website.


Your business may refer to yourselves as part of the Neon One Ecosystem only if you have been formally approved as a certified consulting service or software integration with our company. Terminology around Partners and Partnership should only be utilized if your business has been officially certified as part of the Neon One Ecosystem.


Our naming structure classifies and informs, but above all, it creates a memorable and powerful language, unique to the Neon One brand. Nomenclature guidelines dictate how we name our products and features. These guidelines set a standard convention for naming that all Neon One products should follow.

Neon “One” serves as Neon _____ AND Neon products together.

  • Use "One" as a reference to our company and platform ecosystem (It is the aggregate of of our individual products, experiences, services)
  • Each product or service swaps out the “One,” and also the "One" represents the whole of all our offerings