Visuals and Graphics

Neon One graphics are based on our website's style, utilizing Avenir as the heading font, brand colors, and shapes that reflect our logo.


The 'One' Bunch

The illustrations depicting the "1" characters are used to tell our client stories and relate to our customers (also, they're fun).

Neon one illustrations are custom created illustrations centered around the “1” in the Neon One logo created by our in-house marketing designer. They may not be copied or manipulated for reuse.



Genesis is the creative force behind the One Bunch, always looking for innovative ways to make a difference. Her natural leadership inspires her team members to push boundaries and explore new possibilities. Genesis experienced a magic moment when she implemented a powerful new technology platform that streamlined her organization's operations, enabling her to focus on her visionary ideas and goals.



Ace, a master of prioritizing and allocating resources, helps organizations identify the most effective strategies for achieving their objectives. His analytical skills and ability to focus on what truly matters streamline operations and maintain focus. Ace had his magic moment when he successfully integrated multiple systems, significantly increasing his organization's efficiency and saving valuable time and resources.



Goldie has a golden touch when it comes to fundraising, building relationships, and mobilizing resources. Her charisma and networking prowess make her a natural connector, always finding ways to engage and inspire supporters. Goldie's magic moment occurred when she launched a highly successful fundraising campaign, using data-driven strategies and personalized messaging to exceed her goals.



Una's strength lies in her ability to bring people together and inspire them to contribute their time and talents to a cause. She is a master of organization and always ensures that volunteers feel valued and appreciated. Una experienced her magic moment when she introduced a comprehensive volunteer management system, leading to a significant increase in volunteer engagement and satisfaction.



Victor is a skilled storyteller with a gift for crafting compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. He understands the importance of a clear, consistent message and uses technology to amplify his organization's voice. Victor's magic moment happened when he designed an impactful marketing campaign, leveraging the power of technology to reach a wider audience and inspire action.



Lincoln's commitment to delivering high-quality programs is second to none. With a sharp eye for detail and a talent for problem-solving, he ensures that projects stay on track and deliver meaningful results. Lincoln's magic moment came when he successfully scaled a program to reach more communities, using data analysis and technology to optimize its impact.



Archie is the wise and intuitive companion of the One Bunch, representing the People aspect of nonprofit success. His presence fosters connections and relationships within the community, echoing the "Be Extraordinary" and "Own the Solution" values that encourage collaboration, support, and accountability within the team.

Apollo, a loyal and energetic friend, symbolizes the Performance dimension of nonprofit organizations. He helps them optimize their resources and strategies to achieve their goals. Apollo embodies the "Grow Together" and "Innovate Fearlessly" values, advocating for inclusive work environments, bold goal-setting, and adaptability.

Animal Welfare

This is a collection of some of the One Bunch demonstrating animal activism! We like our clients to feel represented and seen. This is our way of connecting with our animal and wildlife nonprofit clients through our brand story.


This is a collection of some of the One Bunch demonstrating environmental advocacy! We like our clients to feel represented and seen. This is our way of connecting with our environmental organizations through our brand story.


When finding or creating photography for Neon One, we want to showcase our client story that can be related to the nonprofit community. We strive for this relation to be both authentic and positive.


Please use the principles below when discovering new imagery for our marketing and sales needs.



We like to use images that reflect warmer colors - both literally with color and in spirit. Since reds and oranges are on the opposite side of the color wheel, they contrast well with our logo's blue hues.

People Centered

People Centered

We know every problem is an opportunity to create a solution. We don’t hesitate to roll up our sleeves, take initiative, and hold ourselves and each other accountable to the results.



Patterns can be used in numerous locations to add more personality to public or internal facing layouts. They can be used as email or website banners, in slide presentations, or Zoom backgrounds, they can even be printed, in high resolution, on totes or postcards. Have fun with them!

I would not recommend using text on top of Curly 1 Pattern unless there is an overlay of our Noble Navy with an 80-90% opacity with white text for contrast.